9 Ways to Market Your Wedding Photography Business


The business of wedding photography depends upon finding an ideal client who makes the work more fun and who are able to pay their bills. It also requires a lot of marketing to attract such type of clients.

One of the basic things that you must keep in your mind while attracting your clients is what defining attributes are having in your clients?

We enjoy working with the sort of people who are casual but cool and enjoy little adventures or at least having some of the hobbies in common. This helps in making the photography session a lot much easier.

We have come up with some of the ways that will help you in marketing your wedding photography business:

1. Draw in your ideal customers and fulfill them.

If you have already booked some of your clients, then most importantly you must make them happy by making their photos more enjoyable and must be authentic to their life experience.

This technique is required as they will help you to find you more clients by referring you to their family or friends.

You must remember that the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are pretty similar to the bride and the groom because they might be getting married some time or in the coming future.

2. Make relations with nearby vendors

Making good relations with the nearby vendors can help you a lot in finding some of your ideal clients.

They can help in enabling your photography business. While shooting a wedding photograph, make sure to talk with the DJ/band, food vendors, decorators, etc.

You can help them by suggesting them to your ideal clients and they will also return your favor in the same way.

Making good relations with other photographers are some profitable.

You get to learn a lot from them, collaborates with them in styled shoots and they even sometimes exchange their clients in case of having their dates booked.

3. Business cards and album samples

One of the most important factors to solidify your brand in someone’s mind is by providing them with something tangible to them.

If you are getting a large number of in-person and getting face-to-face interactions with them in your starting couple of wedding photography business, you are receiving something very important for getting success in this industry.

One of the key factors to promote your photography business is learning how to socialize and promote your business to your ideal clients, present clients, and the people with whom you are currently working with.

You must always leave your business cards or even your album samples with venue management who are searching for some photographer recommendations.

4. Facebook

Social media plays a very important role when it comes to marketing your wedding photography business. There are many ways in which Facebook can be used as a marketing tool.

Some of them are listed below:-

  • Facebook ads

One of the best options for paid promotion using Facebook is through Facebook ads. With the help of this, you can directly target the most niche people.

A couple of thousand rupees spent in advertisement can be recouped with one or two bookings and the cost to benefit ratio will be pretty high.

  • Post photos and tag your clients

This is one of the best ways of advertising your business by posting your photos from the recent sessions and tagging your clients. This will help them to look about your works so that they can suggest you to their colleagues.

  • Share posts on your account

You must share your business page posts regularly on Facebook that will help many people to look into your business.

5. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for sharing photography. You can get a lot of bookings from simply posting your photos and adding hashtags.

You can post your best pictures so that any of the new client visiting your profile must be attracted and can get an immediate sense of your photography style.

You must also update your stories regularly instead of posting photos (which should be the best ones you have).

6. Automate posting to social media websites.

There are some of the platforms which allows you to control over all of your social media accounts from a particular central hub + schedule posts.

You must learn how to use such type of tools and produce the posts that are used to be scheduled weeks or months in advance.

IFTTT provides you with one such platform for free which can be used for automated posting to your social media accounts.

7. Creating your own website

This is one of the most important factors to market your wedding photography business. If you do not have one yet, it is the right time to set one up.

There are many web developers who can help you in creating your website according to your requirement. Many people also use a separate web host and WordPress to create their web pages.

8. Blog more

It is very important to update your website regularly. It is one of the most challenging tasks and especially when you are shooting a lot of sessions and weddings.

The manner in which we imagine site content and the demonstration of blogging is that they are separated into various classes:-

  • Sales content

These types of content contain the article which is specially designed to sell something. It is one of the major components used for running a successful photography business.

  • Selling products through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way of making money during the off-seasons. You must only utilize affiliate links to products that are actually liked by you and mostly link the photography equipment used by you.

  • Personal/Brand building content

This type of content helps to build up your websites to get updated with current new updates and will allow you to provide much information about your brand.

It is the most important thing but you mist only share personal things to your ideal clients and the general public as a whole.

9. Learn SEO and utilize it

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important factors if you are willing for long-term success in marketing your business online.

These search engines(e.g. Google) are built using algorithms that determine the way in which content is displayed which uses the keywords used in the article and as per according to the rank of different websites.

For marketing your wedding photography business, local SEO is one of the best options.

Take for example that you had an engagement session at The Laurels Preserve. Suppose that any person searches for the engagement photographs, there will be probably searched on google…”The Laurels Preserve engagement photography”.

As you are one of the photographers who have done photo shooting there, there is a probability that your photos rank at the top in search engines which will help in attracting new clients.

If you’re thinking about SEO, get it done right.


There are many different ways of marketing your wedding photography business. The most powerful marketers will utilize each and every avenue that is available to them.

We have provided you with some of the methods that are very effective in marketing. Hopefully, it will help you in drawing in some of the ideal clients for you.

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