Hi, We Are SEO Heros

The Company was founded in 2018
But we’ve been optimizing websites for search engines since 2013.
We took our time, learnt the game, and now, we are here with
The Most Trusted SEO Company in Chandigarh.


This is our home turf, for we know everything that it takes to get good ranks the right way. We are white hat SEO Heros, and Search Engines love our methods.


Your competitors don’t stop at SEO, so why should you, and why should we? So this is us, SEO Heros, equally good at SMO, SMM, and PPC.


Anybody who claims getting a website developed is expensive or not worth outsourcing doesn’t know the whole story. We do.


We help you gain a good traction on various social media channels and get quality follows with our trusted and completely organic social media marketing tactics.


Get the maximum bang for your buck with our well thought-out and impeccably executed PPC campaigns that bring you an improved ROI.


“Haters gonna hate” is old, because reviews matter. Maintain a good brand image on the internet with our class-leading ORM services.


We are your neighborhood local SEO experts, gathered together to make a change in the SEO industry. Together, we can change the way the online world perceives SEO, while you get to enjoy the results.


Services Offered By SEO Heros


The testing waters for those who want to see our mettle. This is much akin to a demo of what we can do. In this package, we analyze and evaluate your website on various parameters, suggesting you any and all scopes of improvement. What’s more, we will also give you a crisp and juicy Meta for your website.

This plan gives you an instant boost in search engine ranking, in pure white hat way.

SEO TuneUp
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Social media marketing plays an integral role in your ranking as well in your prominence among your audience. And it all starts with the social media mogul: Facebook. From organic to paid promotions, we can, and we have done it all.

Full SEO

On page SEO, off page SEO, thorough keyword research, high quality backlinks, everything that goes into bringing your website high on SERPs is included in this package. Not only do we ensure your brand rises through the SERPs, we make it our mission to keep the status quo.

Full SEO


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d be familiar with the importance of social media. From social networking mogul Facebook to the uber popular Twitter, we will get you noticed and reach out to your target audience everywhere. And not to forget LinkedIn, the fastest growing business network!

Why Hire us?

Flexibility and Special Expertise

We not only leverage upon latest SEO methods, but also keep our approach flexible because SEO isn’t a one size fits all cap.

Time and Cost Effective

We want results and we want them now, and that’s why we are always rolling a new strategy to keep your business high on SERPs.

High Quality Results

Digital Marketing is not just our bread and butter, it’s also our tequila shot, and thus we, always keep our game up so we enjoy more of it.

No Risk

Unlike conventional hiring where you are bound to follow the regular hiring-firing procedure, you can always terminate your contract with us if you are not satisfied with our services.


We don’t sell packages and plans. Every business has different marketing needs and requirements. We do what is right for you and customize our strategies accordingly. Contact us for a free quote.


Because our clients made us the most trusted SEO Company in Chandigarh.

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Rohit Kumar

Easy to work with, and helping to increase our business ranking.

David Smith

Akash and the team got to know our business needs and delivered relevant outcomes. I recommend SEO Heros services.

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